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PRIME Meetup

Updated: May 19, 2019

Our second PRIME Challenge session got underway at the end of March in South London. We ran a meet up for men in a pub in West Norwood to get some locals together to discuss the programme. In just over a week of starting the meet up group https://www.meetup.com/Fifty50-Challenge-Programme-for-Men/ there's been 40 sign ups and a group attended the kick off session. There was a friendly welcoming vibe with everyone happy to chat about ideas for future activities.

Taster sessions of country hikes, track cycling at the velodrome, healthy cooking workshops, maker space tours and beer brewing were really well received. But also they were keen not to have too many masculine macho stereotypes telling them “This is what men do”. Suggestions for book clubs, coding classes and sewing machine intros were also put forward.

More importantly the group said they wanted a space for regular social get togethers. A “Youth club for men” remembering the old days with table tennis and music. Do it together as a member or tribe. "Hunter Gatherers round the camp fire." A safe place where blokes can chat openly, with ribbing, taking the piss, close to the mark but in a good-natured way.

For many they felt that at gyms and sports clubs you are "surrounded by young, beautiful people" where you feel self-conscious. Feeling you still matter and are still important is vital. "We’re still here and not ready to call it a day. The best is yet to come with exciting challenges and new horizons."

They were keen on the idea of away days and having itinerary or activities over a weekend. Maybe quarterly away weekend combined with monthly activities and fortnightly social meetings. "Now we’ve all met I’m more likely to get together again." “Nice bunch if we all met again I’d happily do it.”

So sign up to the meet up group and come and join us!

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