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Healthy Cooking Workshop in Brockwell Park

Guest Blog from Ollie's Kitchen

It was a breezy Saturday morning as we gathered around my bespoke wooden field kitchen at Brockwell greenhouses surrounded by fruit trees, vegetable beds and herb gardens to influence a group of local guys to cook, move and grow for better health and wellbeing using an allotment as our surroundings to chat openly about food and nutrition.

Our idea behind the allotment cookery demo is to influence men to become more aware of their wellbeing with the emphasis on healthy cooking and growing your own edible produce to improve healthy eating, along with promoting the benefits to your physical and mental wellbeing when outdoors surrounded by nature.

Working with Fifty50 a new initiative to get men active running a pilot in Lambeth and West Norwood. Regular social meetups and taster sessions for a variety of activities from country hikes and bike rides, local history health walks, parkrun prep, velodrome induction, urban community gardens and allotment gardening, wildlife conservation, outdoor physical activities, healthy nutrition and cooking. Trying different things to keep it fresh.

After a tour of the kitchen garden at the allotments from Brockwell Greenhouses by volunteer Dafydd who had been working at the greenhouses for 5 years, we sat down with a cup of freshly brewed mint tea picked seconds before bringing up to the boil and brewing on our wind-proof expedition gas stove and chatted away like old friends. Dom our host from Fifty50 introduced us to his initiative of getting men active through a series of activities designed to increase their social connections locally with like-minded people.  As the conversations continued, I started my cookery demo with chard a green leafy vegetable after a few handy tips from Andy the gardener from Brockwell greenhouses, by separating the stalk from the leaves to cook first in a little olive oil and garlic until soft, before wilting the large highly nutritious green leaves in the pan.

Read the full blog at https://www.ollieskitchen.blog/blog/cookeryworkshop and for more information and cookery tips, please follow him on https://twitter.com/ollies_kitchen or contact to book a cookery workshop in your local area.


Fifty50 signup for future events and activities, visit https://www.meetup.com/Fifty50-Challenge-Programme-for-Men/

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