PRIME Players

PRIME organises weekly games of football for anyone over 35.

Every Saturday at 10am, we start the weekend off with a friendly session for people of mixed fitness and abilities.


It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you last played. It’s about having fun and being active.


Get your kit on and get back out there!

Hung up your boots?

It might have a been a while – maybe even a few years – since you last laced up your boots and trotted out on the pitch. Stuff got in the way – life, new responsibilities, little aches and pains. But you never really lost the itch.

I haven’t played for years but wanted to play again. I’m too young for walking football!

Nick (57)

All work and no play?

You don’t want to let the side down. Nobody does. Sometimes it’s difficult to juggle priorities. You have family or work commitments too. And when did everyone get so fit? But you still love the game.


Thanks for putting this on. Had fun today and will definitely be back for next week's game 👍🏻

Matt (39)